PCB Design

We provide a PCB design service that can efficiently produce a working prototype within a very short space of time.

PCBs can be designed and produced from schematics designed by us, or we can also quickly and efficiently convert our client’s schematics to a PCB design, and produce a prototype within a few days to a week.

We can accommodate for multiple layers, SMD and Through Hole component technologies. The PCB design work undertaken at Jubilee Electronics usually combines automatic and manual routing to produce a high quality PCB within a short space of time.

Our PCB design package has powerful checking tools to ensure circuit integrity and eradicatelayout errors. We also use UK based PCB manufacturers to ensure a quality PCB (most PCB’s are now imported from China).

All PCB prototyping and component assembly is also carried out in house to ensure a quick and efficient turn around.

Please see our work area for further information and examples.

Services include

  • Load and edit Gerber files if modifications to an artwork produced elsewhere are required.
  • Import mechanical drawings into our CAD system to enable PCB’s to be fitted into unusual spaces.
  • Output 3D images of a PCB design.
  • Modify existing PCB artworks, with support for a wide range of file formats.

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